things to do in Verona and around Lake Garda

activities - things to do in Verona and around Lake Garda

Verona is a city rich in tradition and history, famous for having been chosen by Shakespeare as the scene of one of his most famous plays, Romeo and Juliet.

There are many interesting, historical places to visit, ranging from prehistoric times, the Roman times, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the years under the Republic of Venice up to today.

The Cave in Fumane is one of the largest prehistoric sites in Europe, which confirms the presence of Neanderthal man in the area of Verona 40,000 years ago.

Very important are the remains of Roman presence in Verona: the famous coliseum known locally as the Arena, the oldest Roman coliseum still in use; the Roman Theatre, an outdoor amphitheater; the ancient walls that once enclosed Verona; the typical doors of large edifices in town; the Old Stone Bridge; and, more generally, the urban layout of the historic center with its old squares and palaces.

Worth viewing are the many churches and Medieval buildings, as well as those from the Renaissance years, among which the Basilica of San Zeno; Castelvecchio, built by the reigning Scaliger family in the 1300s; the church of San Fermo Maggiore; and the Duomo or Cathedral...

A few miles from Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti lies Lake Garda, with its quaint villages, picturesque villas, islands, gardens and the possibility to practice water sports and stroll leisurely among its many attractions.

We have made these suggestions to our guests because we feel they are the most rewarding.

We can also organize guided tours on request.

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