the Villa

The term villa was once used to indicate a country estate used by Roman patricians and intended for various agricultural activities. These suburban residences were also perceived as delightful, peaceful places, in the classical sense an otium, or place of leisure, devoted to philosophical conversations, moments of fun and convivial company. At the end of the Republican period of Roman history, the 'villa' became more and more a rural vacation spot and the rustic constructions were made an integral part of sumptuous architectural structures surrounded by fields and trees. After the decline of the Middle Ages, during the Renaissance, the concept of 'villa' as a pleasant retreat enjoyed its heyday, with significant differences in the various territories around Italy in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

An exception are the so-called 'Venetian Villas' built by the Venetian aristocracy beginning in the 1400s as a remarkable synthesis between a posh residence beyond the city walls and places where agriculture was carried out on a large scale. These beautiful villas often included various extra buildings and support structures such as barns, cottages and dovecotes.

After decades of neglect and vicissitudes of war, what remained of the ancient villa was bought in the early 1960s of the last century by the couple Alexander and Rosandra Sagramoso Sacchetti with the support and valuable advice of the Veronese historian Giuseppe Silvestri and the then superintendent Pietro Gazzola.

In the following years, the Count and Countess Sagramoso Sacchetti undertook an admirable feat to recover the massive complex, restoring the villa and its relevant structures to new life.

The new generation of the family, represented by sisters Chiarastella and Ludovica, has decided to revive the essence of an authentic Venetian Villa, a patrician manor house at the center of agricultural activities, to allow visitors to experience the atmosphere and traditions of this ancient land.

Il fascino delle ville di campagna

Park and swimming pool

The first projects related to the walled estate and gardens of Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti date back to the early 1970s.

Over the years, numerous expansions have been made around the restructuring of the dovecote tower, the main farmhouse and Butirri House.

Our guests can stroll around and enjoy the beauty of the gardens, which now cover a couple of acres, in the shade of beautiful specimens of American storax, American oaks, tulip poplars, Italica pines, holly, lemon trees, cypress trees, lime trees and magnolias. Also in the private park one can occasionally see squirrels, pheasants, colourful hoopoes and various species of owls.

Included within the estate walls is the swimming pool with salt water (48 by 24 feet, and 4.5 feet deep), which is available to guests.

  • Villa d'Arco Scala
  • La Villa Esterni

common areas

Once inside, you find yourself in the central hall, with four rooms opening off of the four corners; these are on the raised ground floor, the typical architectural layout of Venetian villas.

Everything was skillfully designed by master builders of the time in an ideal location that allows continuous, differing plays of light at different times of day, creating perfect harmony between human and natural space.

The furniture and furnishings have been left as they were arranged in the house when it was inhabited by the original owners. It is our intention to allow our guests to experience staying in a villa that has not lost its atmosphere and historical sense.

It is relaxing to read a book in the library or enjoy a cup of tea in the frescoed sitting room. Breakfast is served in the old dining room. The kitchen occupies the fourth room.

  • Bibleoteca
The vicarage

The vicarage

The vicarage is an integral part of the 16th century Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti historical complex
and can be accessed from the "Court of Honor".

The History
the Suites

 Suites and apartments

The Villa Sagramoso Sacchetti Relais offers its guests a choice of accommodation:

  • 2 suites on the first floor with a double bed, wardrobe and private bathroom (for 2 guests)
  • 2 larger suites on the first floor with a double bed, a single bed, wardrobe and bathroom (for 3 guests)
  • 2 suites on the second floor with air conditioning (portable), a double bed, wardrobe and bathroom (for 2 guests)
  • 2 separate apartments located in the park of the Villa (each one 255 sq ft, for 4 guests)

Because our establishment is a historic building protected by the Superintendence for Architectural Heritage and Landscape under the Italian Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, we are not permitted to mount air conditioning units on the wall. All our rooms are equipped with portable air conditioner units.

  • Suite Brolo
  • Suite Superior Valpolicella
  • Suite Corte
  • Suite Superior Camino
  • Suite Orto


Over the years different types of crops have been cultivated on the grounds. Originally, in the Middle Ages, mulberry trees were grown for the breeding of silkworms, given the absence of irrigation systems.

In the 1960s it had become a large peach orchard, later converted into a park for the villa.

In the early years of the 21st century, when the estate became a commercial enterprise, a vineyard of Pinot Grigio grapes was planted because of the favorable conditions of the calcareous soil suitable for this variety of grape.

Later, other cultivations were added: an olive grove with a variety of olives (Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino and Holm Del Corno), all native to the area; fruit orchards with apples, pears, plums, apricots, cherries, figs, pomegranates, lemons, almonds and hazelnuts; and a vegetable garden grown with natural system methods.

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